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My Story



My name is Jill Tomalty and I am a Certified Professional Coach and Counselor based in Nashville, TN.   

After earning a Master’s Degree in Community Counseling, I spent most of my career in the Music Business as a Marketing, Promotion, and Management Exec, working at multiple corporations as well as running my own freelance consulting business.  As things do, the industry changed, I changed, and the vision I had for my life most definitely changed!


Having always had an affinity for seeing the potential in others, I decided to take my own advice and made the big scary leap into a completely different career. Soooo…after completing an extensive ICF Accredited Coaching program, I became a Certified Communications Coach, Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach, and a Certified Life Coach.  Leaving the security of a corporate job in an industry that I loved, and what felt like my entire identity, WAS. NOT. EASY (nothing worthwhile ever is) but I did the work, got serious about what I wanted, sought counsel from some good, wise folks, and began moving forward with my next chapter.  Why?  So that I could live in integrity, in line with my values and skills, and ultimately spend my days helping people like you!  Nothing is more fulfilling to me than watching others become the best version of themselves and being able to play a role in that process. It is an investment. It is an honor, and It is profoundly worth it. 

This is Springboard!  Ready to dive in?



BA - Individual & Family Relationships/Sociology

MA - Community Counseling

Certified Life Coach

Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach

Certified Communications Coach

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